About Hair Braiding Academy

World of Braiding & Extensions is the Academy for training in EXTENSIONS & NATURAL HAIR.  We are SPECIALIST, DESIGNERS AND EDUCATORS in Natural hair based in England UK.

We train women and men to become extensions and natural hair specialist and designers.  Understanding, care and education on the Natural Black hair beauty has been missing in our society.  This is because cosmetology and hairdressing colleges do not address the needs of this unique hair type.  This has created a  mirage of ignorant stylist and hairdressers who claim to be working on black hair but lack knowledge on how to work with this hair type leading to hair loss and damage in the Black hair community.  These untrained ignorant practices in our community should be addressed.  These quack practitioners have caused so much damage in our community making our women to become insecure in themselves.  These insecurities cause lack of confidence and lack of self-esteem in our community.

Our Mission therefore is to stamp out untrained and ignorant hair stylists from our community.  We aim to support, help and train women to gain the professional skill of working with natural black hair which includes among others:

  • Working with natural virgin black hair
  • Braiding
  • Twisting
  • Cornrows
  • Weaves
  • Extensions etc

These skill in turn get our women into employment and business.  We know women can create a better family, confident children who are ready to achieve in life when given financial independence.

World of Braiding has been in the forefront of leading and addressing natural hair grooming and beauty and we are excited to mention that the women we have trained have:

  • become more confident
  • have set up their own business and employed other people
  • have gained employment in salons etc
  • have had time to work around their family therefore creating quality time to bring up their children

This is the time to groom our women to become financially independent.  Remember a well groomed and financially able society breeds confident and ready to achieve citizens.


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